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Montante Solar Campaign

Montante Solar is a full installer of commercial solar energy systems out of Buffalo, NY.  Originally reaching out to us in need of an update to their website, after a few conversations, we came to realize that we could help them with a lot more. This case study reflects our process as we worked with their internal team over a six-month span to evolve their visual brand and identity. In addition, we developed a creative campaign to kick off this new visual identity that would be carried throughout a new website, marketing materials, and promotional pieces. Today, we work closely with Montante Solar and their family of companies as their go-to creative team.

Breakdown of services

Marketing Materials
Creative Campaigns
Core Brand Development
Responsive Web Design

Who is Montante Solar?

The first step we take in any relationship is to find out who our client is and what they are all about. Over time, we have developed a series of questions and conversations that allows us to really dig in and explore the personality of our clients. We call these discovery sessions. We figure out how they stand out amongst their competitors and what makes their organization special. If you don't know who you are, then what are you selling to your potential customers? The majority of companies can easily answer these questions, but do not have the time to organize and compile this information to be used effectively in their marketing strategy. This was the boat that Montante Solar was in.

Campaign Deliverables

Website Development Promotional Flyers Sales Sheets Proposals Promotional Posters Social Media Billboard Print Advertisement

Target Audience

After we started to define who Montante Solar was, our next step was to identify their target audience. Any creative campaign can be well designed, professionally done, and visually grabbing, but, for a creative campaign to truly be successful, it must identify and interact with the correct target demographic.


To hone in on Montante Solar’s target audience, it was time to start brainstorming rough ideas for a creative campaign. Our main objectives were to create a campaign that identified with their target audience and had the legs and variety to run through multiple marketing platforms over time. As the Montante Solar team stepped aside during this part of the process, our brand team had a few internal meetings to generate some rough ideas.

Concept 1 - The Size of Your Solar Footprint

This concept played the aspirational angle, presenting a sense of the man that everyone wants to be. A man that is already a leader in both his family and business life, takes the next step to save the environment by taking his business solar. The supporting copy read, “Your wife loves him. Your kids want to be like him. Your employees just say great things about him. The press can’t get enough of him. He can hone the power of the sun in his hands. He shines even if it’s raining. He’s an innovator. He’s...YOU!” The lead line in this creative touched on some humor using some sexual innuendo, but, sets that aside quickly as the supporting text voice carries a more family friendly tone.

Concept 2 - Putting Mr. Sun to work

This concept was heavy on the humor side. It was to be a dramatic piece that told the story of the Sun struggling for work.The story would start with the Sun screwing up and not being able to hold a job because he was just too hot. He burnt all the burgers at the burger joints, he heated up the office to sauna temperatures at his corporate job, he popped all the balloons as a kids party clown, only to end up on the streets with a will work for free sign on around his neck. Approached by a business man, he found work in SOLAR POWER!

Landing on a creative theme

After presenting our ideas to the Montante Solar team and discussing them further, we started to lean towards what we thought was the strongest concept. While Concept #2 had the creativity and legs that we were going for, we felt it wasn't directly geared towards their target audience. This type of campaign may have worked better for a residential solar audience, but not enough towards the commercial solar audience. Concept #1 hit both the tone and the target audience that we were going for. Both teams felt that this campaign had the opportunity to be successful, but there were a few details that still needed some work. The subtext felt good, but a better lead line and creative would give the campaign the punch it needed. Keeping these conversations in mind, we went back to work and generated a revamped concept.

A Solar Hero

This gave us the lead line that we were looking for. It was bold, allowed for visually creative imagery, and kept the tone of the subtext from the original concept. 

Refining the elements

With the Montante Solar team fully on board with our new concept, our next move was to refine everything. We chose a one page front-and-back flyer to act as our refinement piece. This piece would showcase the NEW Montante Solar brand by utilizing the elements of the creative campaign and also introducing a new identity graphically.

The Hero Image

The original hero image for this concept was done in a comic book style.  Although we felt creatively it was quite striking, it didn't allow the viewer to put themselves into the situation. We landed on this photo-realistic image to be the face of the new campaign.  

Save Money. Save the World. Harness the Power.

Although we had a great subtext already in place, we felt that it was better utilized as a background story to develop the campaign than a marketing piece.  Our new subtext was a break down of three steps - Save Money, Save the World, Harness the power. 


After many conversations back and forth between our two teams, the development of the refined art-board came to a finish. To think that so much time went into an 8.5” x 11” flyer is hard to imagine, but overall, this piece was the foundation for a new brand identity and campaign that is utilized on multiple platforms for both sales and marketing materials.

First Final
Second FInal
Third Image
Proposal Design 2
Proposal Design 3
Proposal Design 4

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