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Systems Personnel Rebrand

Systems Personnel has proven itself to be one of the Buffalo area’s leaders in recruiting and staffing for the healthcare, IT and finance industries. Their approach focuses on connecting employees and employers in a way that truly improves the lives of everyone involved. After years of refining their approach, Systems Personnel approached LUMINUS because they felt ready to refine their presentation.

Specifically, Jim Cipriani, Jr., the CEO of Systems Personnel, came to us because he wanted to refine the company’s sales presentation. After we sat down with Jim, we came to the mutual conclusion that Systems Personnel should shift their focus to establishing a strong brand, extending this to their Managed Staff Augmentation (MSA) services on top of recruitment. 

We were able to work with Jim to draw out and focus on the strengths of Systems Personnel, developing presentations and an overall identity to support their efficient recruitment processes. 

The outcome was a much stronger, more modern brand that spoke to the company’s mission: improving lives through employment. 

Breakdown of services

Core Brand Development
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Responsive Web Design
Booklets and Catalogs

When Systems Personnel approached LUMINUS about refining their sales presentation material, they weren't sure exactly what they had in mind. It was extremely important for us to analyze what materials had been used in the past, and why they were not working, in order to move forward successfully. We took a look at their website, sales materials, and logo and found that they were confusing and dated, which was not representative of the brand or their work. 


Systems Personnel already had a successful recruitment process but they felt that their messaging could be more focused and clean. Their sales staff needed to be able to prove to prospects that the company could be trusted to guide projects to success, and a big part of that would be a consistent visual presentation. We took the successful aspects of their business and came up with a fresh, refined brand. 



We picked Jim’s brain to learn exactly who Systems Personnel was. While they were a well-established company, there were unique aspects of the brand lying just below the surface that had never been clearly articulated.

Through our ideation sessions, we were able to determine key concepts that should be reflected in System Personnel's brand. These concepts were already a part of their day-to-day business structure but were not being communicated to potential clientele. 

By identifying these key values, we were able to create a jumping-off point to guide all of the future decisions LUMINUS and Systems Personnel would collectively make during this process.



The logo that Systems Personnel was using felt dated and didn’t reflect just how modern and flexible their approach to recruiting could be. We decided it would be a good idea to create a new logo based off of the old one that felt new and fresh.

We presented about 20 mockups during our initial discovery sessions, landing on a strong logo in the second round. We vetted the logo together, putting it in different environments to test how it would hold up in use.


After designing the logo, LUMINUS moved on to develop a full identity for Systems Personnel so that their visual presentation would always be up-to-date and consistent. This included establishing a font, color scheme, guiding values and mission statement.

Systems Personnel Logo


Initially, Jim came to LUMINUS expecting a refined recruitment presentation but soon realized that the focus needed to pivot to their Managed Staff Augmentation (MSA) service. Systems Personnel saw an opportunity in the healthcare companies they were working with, in which they would manage and provide staff for system updates that range anywhere from 6-24 months.

Using the “Challenger Model” sales approach, we designed a presentation that would highlight System Personnel’s solutions for staffing issues. Starting with a whiteboard session, moving to a full story board, Mike and Jim worked hand-in-hand to devise a tight presentation that was on-brand and on-message.

We wanted to be sure that the sales staff was comfortable using the updated presentation, so we routinely looked to the team for feedback and constructive criticism. Originally, we planned on the presentation being stored in a branded folder but after discussing the product with the sales team, we landed on a coil-bound book.

While the coil-bound book would be the company’s go-to presentation, we wanted to make sure that they could be flexible. With that in mind, digital versions for iPads and mini-projectors were also made available.  

Once the MSA presentation was done, we shifted back to our original focus and worked on the general recruitment slide deck. As we had already established a working relationship with Jim, as well as a supportive brand, the pace of the project went much quicker.

Through this endeavor, we focused on refining and highlighting parts of the recruitment process that were valuable, and had previously been looked over.

Going through this process was especially valuable to Jim. As CEO, he’d been too busy to really sit down and reflect on the process that makes Systems Personnel what it is. By sitting down and talking through it with us, we were able to create a more focused presentation which conveyed much more value than previous assets.  


Next, we needed to integrate the digital assets with the new brand. Before Systems Personnel came to us for their presentation, they had already been working with another vendor to build a new website.

Because of this, instead of designing the new site, Mike acted as a liaison between Systems Personnel and the previous vendor. He led the charge to make sure that this new website stayed on-brand, working with the team to develop all new copy and a consistent look.  


At the end of the branding process, we provided a brand book to Systems Personnel. The brand books acts as a set of guidelines for future decision making. It is an essential point of reference for the company to continue the use of the strong brand we developed together.

By refining both the digital and physical assets that serve as a point of contact for potential customers, Systems Personnel was able to create a striking and consistent visual presentation for their brand. But more than that, they were able to take the time to sit down and think through what made their company special, and that knowledge will guide them for years to come.

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