The Luminus Media Team

We are creative thinkers, designers, writers, illustrators, and developers.


What Makes Us LUMINUS?

Guided by a set of four core principles, our goal is to lead ourselves and our clients the top of the industry.

Being LUMINUS is to be creative, talented, fresh, knowledgeable, energetic, and driven. It is a way of life and something that we look for in each individual that becomes a part of our team. As we grow, It is important that each of us continue to embody this essence that fuels our team and culture as a whole. Together, we have developed a set of four core principles that will guide us to do so. If we strive to follow these principles, we will enrich ourselves, strengthen our team, and prepare us to lead our clients through any challenge.

Stay Creative

Stale is not our style. We encourage play at work to shake things up, stay sharp, and full of fresh ideas.

Stay Current

At the office or at home, stay up to date in the industry by reading up on books, blogs, and articles. 

Stay Connected

Take advantage of every opportunity to learn, share, and collaborate with your industry piers. 

Stay Challenging

Don’t get comfortable doing what’s easy. Always challenge yourself and your clients to do something better. 

Our Story

7 Years ago we were two guys with the same vision:

Quality work, Great Design, and Happy Clients

Michael LaDuca
Tim Bouchard
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In 2006, Mike LaDuca of Lewiston, NY set out to make a difference in the world of design with his graphic design company The Corporate Jesters. Not only did he successfully build a sterling reputation locally for his work with clients, but also compiled a portfolio of work unlike any other in the region. With the ever expanding needs of his clients came web design.

Enter Tim Bouchard, owner of Sharpcut Media, in Buffalo NY. Sharpcut Media, founded in 2007, has been working with local and national clients to produce web solutions at affordable prices. This was the missing link to create a one-stop solution for clients with multiple branding needs.

In late 2009 LUMINUS was formed as the collaborative brand for The Corporate Jesters and Sharpcut Media. After having worked together for two years to supply clients with branding / logo design and print marketing services to stand out above the rest, LUMINUS brings together two of the most creative minds in the Western New York area under one roof.

Check out video of that one time we were on the national PBS special "Your Life, Your Money" by clicking here.

LUMINUS Studio Enterance LUMINUS Offices, Angry Bird Plush Toys, and Boo Plush Toy Conference Table and HD TV Candy Machine Posters and White Board LUMINUS Studio Tornado Foosball Table
Our Team
Mike LaDuca Partner
Tim Bouchard Partner
Katie Johnson Senior Account Executive
Dan Bauer Marketing Director
John Connelly Development Director
John P English Designer
Ryan Mallette Developer
Josh Robinson Visual Designer
Chelsea Turton Designer
Tracy Willis Digital Marketing Specialist
David Ruler Business Developer
Keepin' it real in Buffalo, NY

We make cool stuff. Usually it's for clients, sometimes it's just for us.

Here's a few projects we've worked on that make us happy!

Foosball League

We love to play foosball. Love may even be an understatement. We've created a logo, wall art, & a fully programmed score tracking & rankings website to track our game play.

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Buffalos Worst Website
Buffalo's Worst Website

In 2014 we held a summer contest and let people nominate their old sites in exchange for a new awesome site.

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re:tack logo

The digital read-up for creative minds. A community blog we dreamed up for project managers, business owners, creative talent, & marketers to come together and share their knowledge and experiences.

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The Blog

Things happening with us, our work, or general ramblings about anything really.

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